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As I'm currently writing a presentation, I'm spending a lot of time doing or tweaking OmniGraffle files and exporting them as pdf. To streamline the process, I wrote a simple AppleScript that I bound to a trigger in Quicksilver. Here is the script:

-- files are assumed to be in some dir xxx/foo/file.graffle
-- (typically xxx/graffle/file.graffle)
-- the pdf file will be saved under xxx/pdf/file.pdf
tell application "OmniGraffle Professional"
	set docName to name of first document
	set docFileUnix to path of first document
end tell
if docName = "Untitled" then
	display dialog "Save file first!" buttons "Cancel" default button "Cancel"
	set pdfName to (do shell script "echo " & docName & "| sed -e 's/\\(.*\\)\\.graffle/\\1/'") & ".pdf"
	set docFile to POSIX file docFileUnix
	tell application "Finder"
		set rootPath to (parent of (parent of file docFile)) as text
	end tell
	set pdfFile to rootPath & "pdf:" & pdfName
	tell application "OmniGraffle Professional"
		save first document in pdfFile
		save first document in docFile
	end tell
end if
The only small trouble with this script is that after running it, the document has forgotten where it's saved. So the process I follow is:
- open the document
- modify it and use the script
- close the document

The first step makes sure that the document knows its save location.

If someone knows why is this so, or has improvements to this script, I'd love to hear about it.