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So, for me to be functional, I need SOMETHING to generate occasional interrupts. It might not have to be the application that manages the list of tasks -- and OmniFocus looks like it might be enough better at that to be worth it anyway.
If you haven't read David Allen's Getting Things Done, I suggest doing so. One point Allen emphasizes is the distinction between your hard landscape--things that must be done on a certain day or time, or they won't get done--and your other tasks. The latter might need to be done by a deadline, or just as soon as possible, but they don't have to be done at a fixed time or on a fixed day.

I use iCal (and DateBk6 on my Palm) for the hard landscape items and, when I think I might need them, reminders. OmniFocus handles task management. For other reminders I have been using Meridian's alarms or timers, but now that I've discovered QuickSilver's "Run after delay..." or "Run at time..." commands, I'm finding myself using those more and more.

If you need a reminder to check your task list, you could use a reminder application to pop something like that up on your screen from time to time.