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I could use feedback on how to set up this process in OF.

I would like to put a list together for blog post ideas. These really wouldn't be actionable until I either need them or have the energy to write something about them. They are just the ideas that pop into my head on a daily basis that I tend to forget if I leave them there.

Let's say I am going to blog about vacuum sales. Some ideas that would pop into my head would be camparisson of brands, fixing roller heads, changing lightbulbs, what to wear when selling vacuums door to door, why sucking works better than sweeping, fun things to do with vacuum cleaners, gasoline vs. electric, etc. First, what are these other than inbox items? Is each one a project or a part of a project (because in my actual topic I already have more than 100 of these ideas and that would be a lot of projects)?

Assuming I have the energy I'd have to verify some facts or look up some links to share within the posts and write the articles either in the blog software itself or in another app and later transfer it over to the blog. Then there are the tags and categories and publishing.

So, it seems to be a lot of work, or I'm making it worse than it is. What would be the process to do this keeping it manageable and not overwhelming? Or, do I just use the To Do List that Apple has included on the iPad?