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There's lots of ways you could do this. Here's how I might.

Whenever a vacuum blog idea pops in my head, I'd just add it to the inbox and not fuss with projects or whatnot.

I'd also create a project named "Future Vacuum Blog Posts". I'd set its status to "On Hold" and its type to "Single Actions". It'd probably live inside a folder named "Blog about Vacuums". (That folder might also contain other blog-related projects, like "Upgrade my WordPress installation".)

Then, when I clear out my Inbox (ideally once a day, but...), I'd move any vacuum ideas to that project (and any other items to their places).

If I get more facts about a topic, I could add them to the notes. When I actually set about developing a particular blog post, I'd promote it to its own (active) project in the "Blog about Vacuums" folder, with actions inside like "Fact-check gasoline vacuum lawsuit" and "Send blog post to Aunt Ethel for proofreading".