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Omnisync is horribly slow. My iPhone 4s takes 15-30 seconds to sync. iPad retina and retina MacBook Pro both sync in seconds. Cultured codes sync takes a second at most.
This is an unfortunate artifact of the way OmniFocus sync works.

Note they'll pipe in and let you know they want to work with you to make things faster. Which is true.

Normally the slow sync is if you have a client that hasn't synced in a while. If you go to the Mac and show clients, do you see a "stale" one in the list? If so, try removing it.

You could also sync everything and then go to the Mac and remove _all_ the clients but the Mac one, and then when they re-add they should get a "compacted" file and it will be faster. But to use OF sync you pretty much need to ensure you're syncing all clients every couple days at most. You almost need to make a recurring task for it :-)