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I'm not sure how many people use the url schemes in omnifocus for the iPhone, but they allow you to use links to jump to any context or perspective in the app. When you pair this with a program like Launch Center Pro or even by creating a webpage with these custom urls you can quickly launch the app with the exact info that you need at hand. After using these url schemes on my phone for a few weeks, I tried to recreate them on my iPad, only to find out that the iPad version of Omnifocus doesn't have the same level of support for these custom urls. You can link to a context but not a perspective. A few people have apparently requested this feature, but I thought I'd create a thread to make others aware of this request. Please let the ninja's know if this is something you would find useful. I've also requested that they create schemes for the forecast and review sections as well.

This site has a better explanation and a demo video:


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