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Thanks for the help with my scale question. I get a simplified print dialog. The help file seems to describe a Omniplan page in the print dialog settings pulldown that I don't have:
Select OmniPlan from the pop-up menu to see OmniPlan's print options.
You can print the task view or the resource view, whichever one is open in the main window. You can then choose whether to print the outline, the chart, or both. (from the Omniplan help file)

Maybe I"m missing some system software? 10.5.4 and Omniplan 1.6
Ah, let me guess, your print dialog looks something like this?

Click on that triangle at the end of the first line and you'll get the more fully-featured version, which includes the OmniPlan options.

(click on the images for full-sized versions)

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