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I fear I am applying the application incorrectly and/or not as intended. I have read DA's book and viewed the tutorials but still do not feel at ease with the programs. I am trying to set up the system as a start-up business owner who wears several hats on a daily basis. Each hat represents a future department human resources (employee payroll, benefits administration, hiring, de-hiring, etc), finance (accounting, bookkeeping, budgeting, bill collecting, etc.), sales (soliciting and closing of new jobs), job management (scheduling jobs won, tracking time and material to provide accounting), mechanic (equipment maintenance and repair), and more. In theory, as we grow, each department will become somewhat autonomous—at least separate individuals will take over the responsibilities.

That being said, I have set up project folders for each "department. Potentially, this might be the incorrect way of setting OF up. I read some threads and maybe these should be contexts. That worries me because I cannot relegate an action to more than one context. Again, perhaps I am not setting things up correctly. Example: I need to go to the post office to mail invoices but I also need to go to the post office to mail proposals. This would be two entries (not efficient) for the same errand. Another example: I need to talk to a client about a job we are working on but I also need to talk to the clients accounts payable department about a past due invoice.

How do I properly set this up? Are there examples available to see online for different industries? We are in the property management industry.

I have other newbie concerns also but let this be a starting point.