Thread: Fear of OF/GTD
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These comments do help. Additional advise is appreciated. I am much better at seeing something already set up and modifying it to my needs than creating something from new. Presently I will stick with the Department/Project setup and will need to tweek the contexts provided by OF.

I wonder if I am setting things up correctly? Example: finance project>bookkeeping task list>pay bills. Do you or do you not list the bills individually (which the accounting software already does) and there are many. Of course paying a bill has several tasks if broken down. There is the task of paying/reporting the bill in the accounting software. There is the actual printing of the checks (computer context?) if that is the appropriate method. There is the making a payment electronically (online context?) if that is the appropriate method. Then the post office trip (errand: post office context), if needed.

Perhaps creating a "pay bills" task set to a specific day of the week and recurring weekly and just using the accounting system to manage the specifics of who. The payment methods would then not be recorded. Isn't that an important part of GTD?