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Here's a thread about the second stage in the GTD workflow.
The post about the collection stage is here:

How I do processing...
During processing, I go through my OmniFocus inbox item by item…

Is it no longer needed?
...I delete it.

Is it not actionable? (non-actionable stuff does not stay in OmniFocus)
Is it something that I might want to do someday?
…I put it in my yet to be defined system (maybe OmniOutliner Someday document)

Is it information that I can use later?
…This is reference material and I still haven't found a single solution that I like yet. I've tried Bento (Mac & iPod touch), notes in Mail, it's looking like OmniOutliner might be the winner but it's not mobile. I want to like Bento but the spark is just not there.

Is it actionable? (actionable stuff stays in OmniFocus)

If I can finish the task in less than 2 minutes, I do it now and mark it complete right in the inbox. Otherwise...

…I look at the name of the task.
If this will take more that one action to complete, I give it a project name. I like to name projects like "I need to…(insert project name)". For instance, "I need to get my molar fixed". "Get my molar fixed" is the name of the project. I change the name of the task to be the next action for getting my molar fixed (ex. Call dentist to make appointment) and give it a Context (like Phone).

If this task stands by itself as a single action (meaning if I complete this task, I'm finished) then I give the task a context and move on.

When I've gone through all the tasks like this, I click "Clean Up" and I'm done. The projects are created and the single actions automatically go to Miscellaneous. I have to keep reminding myself, processing is not organizing.

I look forward to hearing about how you all handle this one.

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