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I have a context called DECIDE

Decisions about WHAT to do about something are almost a precursor to a project or list of actions as far as I can figure out

'Decide what to do about curtains'
'Decide what to do about quiz night'

These tend to be pre-project musings. They usually involve research, thinking, head scratching. However, it is something you have to actually DO.

You've got a choice. Either have a context called DECIDE (which is what I'm doing at the moment). Things with these vague overarching decisions get stuck in the DECIDE context until I get around to doing them.


Be extremely GTD about decisions and turn them into projects immediately. This sounds good in practice, but I personally feel that deciding certain thing requires me to be in a certain headspace.

For instance, if I thought I should decide what to do about a quiz night, I could quickly turn it into a project with the following actions:

Pick a date for quiz night
Get list of people
Find venue

HOWEVER I don't really want to do that when I'm throwing stuff into my inbox. I won't be in the mood to think about quiz nights for instance, when there's other stuff I need to get out or think about.

So instead of creating a project immediately, I just create an action 'Decide what to do about quiz night' and use context DECIDE.

So what happens is that these decisions which require a bit more thought get put in the decide context and then later on, WHEN I'M IN THE MOOD OR RIGHT FRAME OF MIND, these decisions get turned into projects and broken down into bits.

So the decide context becomes a kind of reminder to turn decisions based actions into projects when I've got the time, inclination and more importantly, all the relevant stuff in front of me to make up my mind what to do about whatever it is

I use the DECIDE context alongside RESEARCH and REFERENCE contexts. Research and reference contexts are not really action lists, but places to keep stuff in OF so at least some of the things I'm doing are in the same place

Hope that helps