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Hi there,

I've already contacted Omni's support (as I wasn't aware of the forum right here) and they couldn't help me out.

I'm experiencing the following problem: Spotlight has refused to index and search any OO files, most likely since my update to Snow Leopard.
I did a bit of research and found the spotlight plugin (that .mdimport) file within my 3.9.5 Version of OO.
I manually installed it to the appropriate place and did a reboot + a completely new indexing via "Spotless". Didn't help.
So I tried index one single folder with .oo3 files via the mdimport command and it gave me this:

Plugin '/Users/Max/Library/Spotlight/OmniOutlinerMetadataImporter.mdimporter' does not match current 64 bit architecture to import type 'com.omnigroup.omnioutliner.oo3-package'.
'/Users/Max/Library/Spotlight/OmniOutlinerMetadataImporter.mdimporter' should be updated. 'arch -i386 mdimport' may work as a work-around.
Incorrect start/end range ordering; fixing.

Now, I have to say, that indexing files of my other omni-products (omnigraffle and omnifocus) works just fine. Could it really be, that the import-plugin is 32-bit-only.
Btw, I'm running a 10.6.2, MacBook Unibody 2Ghz, 4GB and OO 3.9.5 Pro

Any help would be appreciated since I do need the searching-compatibility for studying.

Thank you very much, Max