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I love how OmniWeb handles shortcuts. Marvelous.

But I wish I could use Butler, or Quicksilver, or any number of those utilities, to propogate OmniWeb's location bar with any text I'd like (and "press" return/enter for me.

To reiterate, for instance, I think it would be brilliant if I could press Option-1 (my key combo for immediately popping up a search box w/ Butler), type "wi elvis presley" ("wi" is my shortcut for searching and have OmniWeb act as if I just typed that into its Location Bar.

[Normally typing that in OW's location bar would launch a Wikipedia search for elvis presley, in my example]

Does anyone know how to do this (if I'm ignoring something obvious?)... otherwise, does anyone have a better suggestion or comments... or should I post this as a feature request?

Thank you!