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I have found the solution to using drop-box with outliner for iPad.

The answer is: save your file as a "OPML" file.

here are the steps:

1. On your iPad, open outliner and select the document you want to sync.
2. Select "send to App".
3. Select OPML file
4. Choose Open in "Dropbox" (assuming that is already installed on your iPad)
5. Dropbox will open and ask you where to place the file.
And that is it!!

To open a file
1. Open up drop-box on your iPad and select the OPML file.
2. Hit the top right button to tell it to open it in OmniOutliner.

You won't be able to save images in the files. But I can live with OPML limitations if it enables me to sync with drop box!!!

On my macbook I can open up the OPML files directly and they save as OPML files without any exporting which is also awesome!

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