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I love doing my weekly review but when it comes time to implement my actions, I get somewhat stagnant.

When it comes time to do a Weekly Review, I throw everything in there. From that big important 10 page essay to the nitty gritty laundry, daily jogging/swimming and all goes into my inbox.

I'll create projects for everything but something about seeing such a long list in my available contexts kinda drowns me out. I'll see a bunch of available actions in many contexts and begin to think why I have such a long list, beginning to think that writing a 10 page essay does have reason to exist in my OF system, while writing in my journal doesn't really. (Though I consider writing in my journal to be of some importance as it helps me clarify thoughts concerning other areas in my life, such as health, wealth, love, etc.)

I guess i'm simply wondering how in depth people make their systems to be because I put everything in there and at the end of my WR I feel great, but the list is incredibly long when it comes time to look at my contexts and the truth is I just end up not looking at my list again till the next WR.