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I use OmniFocus to help me create habits. I put projects and/or tasks on a repeating schedule until it becomes second nature to me. Then I don't bother putting it into OmniFocus.

I already know I have to pick up the kids from daycare after work. That doesn't need to be in OF. I already know that my gym routine runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday. These are habits that no longer need to be recorded.

I use OF to enter in tasks that are not on a daily or weekly schedule. Things like the one-off project for client A would go in. Or perhaps picking up a surprise gift for my wife. Any projects/tasks that don't really have a scheduled time. I do schedule things like "cut the grass". I set this task to repeat 1 month after the completion date. I had the grass scheduled to cut on March 1st. But I didn't really get around to cutting it until March 15th. So when I check off this task, OF automatically creates a new task set to start on April 15th.

I have a yearly project for my 1040 taxes. I only do my taxes once a year. So I keep it in OF. But daily and weekly tasks are automatic habits for me. I just put an alarm or an appointment in my calendar program for those types of things.

I remembered my sister used to record everything in her life - what she ate for breakfast, what time she fed the cat, how much time she spent grocery shopping, etc. It became an OCD thing for her.

I keep a journal for important thoughts, spur-of-the-moment-ideas, etc.