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It is just possible that you are trying to like the application, without first understanding what it is and what it is for. If you don't first understand what hole it fills, it will be quite difficult to figure out how effectively it fills it.
I don't suppose you are under any obligation to like it, so if you find that Things and Busycal fill your needs, then perhaps you are right in sticking with them.
Omnifocus is a very robust and flexible application that allows for a fairly strict implementation of GTD. You would probably have to buy into the GTD thing first, and then go back to omnifocus. Only then would you see how it shines.

3 hours would not have brought you to this point.
I don't doubt what you're saying except to say that I know exactly what my list management/to-do needs are.

I would also say that I don't want to spend a lot of time climbing a learning curve to learn (and adapt to) a strict methodology imposed by the program.

To me, and apparently to others as well, it's just not an intuitive program and if it doesn't start to feel that way after 3 hours, it's very much unlike 99.5% of programs I've used.

OmniGraffle, for example, is way more complex than OF. Yet, it's more logical and I would argue easier to use. OmniOutliner is just plain intuitive. Watch the videos once, maybe, and you're already there. Things, ditto.

I read other similar feelings from people who'd been using FO for years, not hours.

It was interesting that people tend to bounce back and forth between Things and OF. We'll see, I may be back! :)

I appreciate your reply.


- m

P.S. I also thought it was telling when you said in your posting above: "Omnifocus is a very robust and flexible application that allows for a fairly strict implementation of GTD." It almost sounds like a contradiction in terms (flexible and strict). And, that's exactly how the program feels to me...

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