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Just for what it's worth...
There is no contradiction in terms in my previous message (I don't think).
Much of the flexibility implied in the GTD approach is allowed for in Omnifocus. But I think that using it without some awareness of the GTD approach would be a kind of torture. (I gather that some people try, but I wonder how successfully).

I understand the temptation to try out a new piece of software. I occasionally toy around with the idea of using Tinderbox, before setting it aside on the basis of price and difficulty. But, more basically, the issue seems to be that I don't actually need it. Perhaps you don't need omnifocus.

Good luck with Things and so on. "It it ain't broken... Don't fix it" seems like a good motto.

I was sort of kidding anyway and maybe just a wee bit frustrated that Omni didn't hold out (yet) a hat trick for me (me getting three of their products).

As I mentioned in a posting above, I have tried Things, but found that it is missing some "things" I liked a lot in OF.

I appreciate your follow up posting.