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Hey Morkafur,

"Yuck!", I'm afraid is sadly right. I've been using Omni products for longer than I care to remember but OmniFocus has become incredibly dated and it's now an unholy mish-mash even for those poor fundi-GTD'ers chasing the Holy Grail of the perfect GTD system.

If the benchmark for you is how many things you get done and the ease of doing so, rather than how you GTD'd them, then give OF a miss. There have been some fine recommendations above and I've discovered that a variety of apps combined make for the most productive use of my time, rather than desperately trying to shoehorn tasks into this old-fashioned clog.

OF obviously still has its fans but having had it since launch, read the books, used it for years, bought the iPhone and iPad versions and watched release-after-release across platforms, I've come to the conclusion that for me it's a case of watching others applaud the Emperor's New Clothes.

Of course, YMMV!

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