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I am a brand new user and I would like to sync some actions in a context to iCal, but nothing will sync.

I was syncing entourage with iCal, but I stopped that I went into Entourage and unchecked all the sync preference.
I have gone into to preferences OF and moved the phone context into my personal iCal calendar.

Still nothing comes across in the "to do" list in iCal

I also really like the idea of syncing only the "flagged" actions and I even figured out how to install the apple script into the tool bar that was suggested by uku, but I get an error message. AppleScript reported the following error:
iCal got an error: Canít get calendar 66. Invalid index.

I don't know if I am getting an error because it won't sync at all with ical or something else.

Help, please.