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I've just noticed that in OmniFocus Cmd C creates a labelled link out of the box anyway, so the script (just updated :-) is really not needed.
But, it turns out that while Cmd C works well for links within OmniFocus, and for links from TextEdit, the picture is more complicated if you are pasting links to OF tasks into OmniOutliner ...
  1. Cmd C in OF
    • Paste with current style in OO3 --> plain unlinked text of task
    • Paste in 003 --> legible link
  2. Running script at start of this thread
    • Paste with current style in OO3 --> legible link to task
    • Paste in 003 --> blue underlined text

To get clickable links from these techniques, you may also need, under oo3 general preferences, to set:
General > Attachments > Automatically create attachments from typed URLs


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