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Hi, I just upgraded to Snow Leopard and the shortcut to Look up in dictionary is not working.
I am using Omniweb 5.10.1
I'm sure you're referring to the ctrl-cmd-d shortcut.. I had the same problem. The shortcut is now (i.e. since Snow Leopard or since some sneaky peek build, I don't know) set to a different command, namely immediate "Add to Bookmarks" (without the ellipsis). Normally, "Add to Bookmarks..." is set to cmd-d, and the ctrl key modifies it to do it without offering options.
The only fix I could come up with is to set a different shortcut for "Add to Bookmarks" and thus overriding the standard one so that the system-wide shortcut for the dictionary definitions could apply again.

System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Application Shortcuts > + > Application: OmniWeb, Menu Title: Add to Bookmarks, Keyboard Shortcut: e.g. ctrl-alt-cmd-d.

Now the dictionary shortcut should work again.

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