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I'm having trouble with the Auto-Update window, but when I downloaded build 90026 from the sneakypeek page, the finder mounted it just fine on my 10.4.10 machine. Anyone else able to repro this?
Yes, I had build 89982 and tried three times to update to build 90005, but the download hung up all three times. I went to the sneaky peek page and was able to download and update to build 90042.

As I stated on another thread, the auto-update has not worked correctly for me since it started: (1) it will only update to the next build - not the latest, and (2) it will only work on the first (or every other) update - it will not auto-update two builds in a row.

Running 10.4.10 (PowerPC) and have had no download/update problems before auto-update.