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I'm restarting OF after a hiatus. I don't want to trash my old file, but I don't want to use it right now either. I was previously syncing all three devices (MBP, iPhone, iPad) using Mobile Me. Part of my re-vamp is because I want to use my iPad as my primary device so I am starting from scratch on my iPad and trying not to let the features I know that the desktop has color my thinking about how to use it. I first turned off syncing on my iPad and then did a reset (I think that was the term). I started over with a brand-new database on my iPad. So far, so good. I also set up an account on the Omni server and set up the iPad to sync to it. I then did a reset on my iPhone and got it to sync with the Omni server and have the new DB on the iPhone.

I'm hesitant to make the switch on the Mac. I want to be certain that I'll still be able to access my old file so I can pick from it (at some point) things to integrate into my new system. I know that it'll be on my iDisk (as long as that's around). But I'm unsure about the ability to go back and forth and want to make sure that I don't compromise either my old system or my new one.

Can I just go onto the desktop and switch my sync method and will it ask me if I want to replace my desktop data with the server data (from the Omni Server)? I've got a back up on my Mac plus I've got the database on MobileMe for my old data, right? And then if I wanted to see my old system I'd just change my sync method back or temporarily turn off the sync and restore from backup?