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With all the activity on 5.6 sneaky peeks, i thought I'd give OW another shot at dethroning Camino. Since I've switched over to Google services for my email, I thought I'd put those through their paces first.

I tried Google for my Domain using a per-site preference to say that I was using Firefox 2 on a Mac. Everything seemed to work great, including the chat window. I was also able to Tab + Enter to send a mail.

Next I tried out Gmail, figuring it would be the same. Unfortunately, using the FF2 identifier lost me all the formatting on the page, rending it useless. I switched to the standard OW, and while I couldn't do the chat, I could do the Tab + Enter to send a msg.

Back to GGL for my Domain, and using the OW identifier doesn't let me Tab + Enter to send a mail.

Email frustrations abound!! Is there any solution that anyone has found?