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PLEASE tell me that Omni was one of the developers allowed under the Kimono...

- Jason
I do hope this is true. Is there any validity to the SDK being a reason why the web interface of OmniFocus was dropped? I am not seeking rumours with this question, just an explanation of this being a possibility.

Having OmniFocus on my MacBook Pro and on my iPhone seems logical. Many users do not have access to their laptops or desktops at all times; however, the access to an iPhone is as simple as your pocket or belt clip.

Secondly, I have read the forums concerning members continuing the web interface, which I commend, but I have no interest nor time to learn Rubygems and other speak that is quite foreign to me.

If one practices GTD, this would be a definite DELEGATE. If cost more, so be it. I have no problem with paying for delegation. My fear is that using OmniFocus and my iPhone is something that may not move from the WAITING context.