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An iPhone version of OmniFocus (with sync of course) would literally change my life. To me, only having it on my Mac at home is only about half the problem, the other half is I need to plan, do, act and GTD while I am at the office (no Mac), in the subway, on a plane, at a restaurant, etc.

Amen to that. Today I would have used the iPhone version of OF before I got to my office, at my office, during a staff meeting, at local Chinese restaurant during lunch, before getting my girls from school, and now, while I wait for them to finish their Brownie Troop meeting. I completed tasks at these venues and now I have to wait to get back to MacBook Pro to "complete" them on OF.

I don't know about my other GTDers, but it's not complete until I see the beautiful strikethrough and hit "Clean Up." That's a wonderful feeling.

Again, I delegate this task to all those who are much more talented than I am. Email me when an idiot like me can sync the information. I will be the first in line to buy OF then.