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My apologies if this question has already been asked and answered.

With OF iPad's release imminent (or even with running the iPhone client on my iPad) I have a question about syncinc.

I use a free WebDav account at SwissDisk to sync between my OF Mac (on my desk at work) and the iPod client. My understanding is that whoever makes the last change overwrites the database (is that right)? This has been fine since I always sync before I leave work and when I arrive in the morning.

But with three devices it's a little different as I'll have both my iPad and iPod home with me. What happens if I have a task and complete it on my iPod but don't sync, add a different task with my iPad, and then sync that? When I go back and sync my iPod, will my task still be completed and will I have the new task (the one created on my iPad) show up?

Can I use both the iPad and iPod to capture ideas and then when I sync either device those changes will be stored on the WebDav server?


On my iPad I add TaskA, TaskB & TaskC to my inbox
On my iPod I add TaskD, TaskE & TaskF to my inbox

Sync my iPod
Sync my iPad
Sync my Mac

Will I see TasksA - F in my inbox on the Mac?