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Pat - happy to help! Yep, you'll see all those actions. OmniFocus' sync doesn't overwrite the database entirely. You can sync multiple devices at different times, in whatever order, and except for a few pretty specific things, "it just works".

"What few specific things?" you may now be asking yourself... :-)

1) If you complete repeating actions on more than one device before they sync up, they'll each create a copy of the next version. Once the devices get back in sync, you'll have 2 or more copies of the action due tomorrow/next week/etc.

2) If the same item in the database - project, context, action, whatever - is edited on multiple devices while they're out of sync, whichever edit occurred last is preserved; the rest are ignored.

Example: if you sync all your devices, then add a note to an action on one device and change the due date on another, one or the other edit will be ignored when you sync back up again.

We have to do it this way in order to keep syncs on iPhones or iPads from taking far, far longer than folks are willing to wait. iOS devices are amazing, but they still have far less computing power than a low-end desktop computer...