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I know that this has been extensively discussed, but I seem to have lost track, and couldn't find the answer in the OF 1.8 sneaky peek release notes :-)

It it by design that Inbox tasks do not currently show up in the 'No Context' tree of Context Mode ?

i.e. that 'No Context' is currently an abbreviation for 'Has Project, lacks Context' ?

(Revision: 137775)

(Just one more reason for me to wish that the OF database had a report design language which would give eccentric users a bit more flexibility :-)

(I had thought of Planning Mode and Context Mode as orthogonal views of the same data, so the existence of a subset which is inescapably invisible to one of the two views does feel a little uncomfortable - especially in the light of the strongish sub-current of 'where's my data?' posts in this forum.

I have in mind a user who happens to be looking at Context Mode, reaches for Find or Outline Search, and simply cannot find the task that they are looking for, even if they have taken the trouble to manually select trees 1 and 2 of the sidebar first ...).


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