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Another residual asymmetry (between Planning Mode and Context Mode) involves the root tasks of Single Action Holders.

With an ordinary project I can:
  1. Assign a context to the project (to serve as the default),
  2. hit View > Show in Context Mode to see it from the context angle,
  3. and see its root task in Context Mode (a task with the same name as the project).

Once, however, a project has been flagged, through the inspector, as a 'single action holder':
  1. I can still assign a context to it,
  2. but View > Show in Context Mode is now grayed out for it,
  3. and its root task has now had its citizenship unkindly downgraded, and has become inescapably invisible to Context Mode.

(One consequence of this is that I have had to drop a 'display matching tasks in Context Mode' option from searches and shortcuts in Where in OF, because there is a sub-set of tasks (root tasks of single action holders) which simply cannot be displayed in Context Mode at the moment ...

Combined with the fact that Inbox tasks were also excluded from Context Mode once any kind of focus had been set in Project Mode, this left the 'display matching tasks in Context Mode' option a bit too dysfunctional and complicating to be worthwhile).


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