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ALL my tasks,projects, everything is gone, as the same thing happens when I quit the program.
It sounds as if your view settings may be hiding the data.

As a preliminary check, I would begin by making sure that the view bar is visible (Shift-Cmd V), that its leftmost setting is "All Projects", and that the three rightmost settings are "Any Status" "Any Status" and "Any Duration".

There is a useful (but rather hidden) option in the OmniFocus menu system: Perspectives > All Items.

Sometimes the view is 'focused' on a particular project, in which case "View > Show All Projects" is a useful shortcut.

Also, probably worth making sure that you are in Planning Mode (View > Planning Mode) and selecting both Inbox and Library in the left-hand sidebar, to reveal the full contents of each in the right-hand contents panel.

Finally, if you have what View > Customize Toolbar calls a 'Search' item on your toolbar, you have to be aware that it is not, in fact, a search item :-) It is a filter control. In other words you have to make sure that it is clear, or it it will be hiding anything in your view that does not contain the string which it is displaying.


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