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I created my document: A single column outline.
I tapped on:
  • Send via Mail
  • Simple HTML

First time I tried this I got a single extremely narrow column of text (like enough to fit a word or two) in the email.
So I went back and tried playing with the column width. That seemed to do the trick and now the text was flowing across the screen. So I sent the email.

But then I got a complaint from someone who viewed the email in Outlook 2003 (Windows) : The column width was fixed and did not reflow when the window was resized horizontally.

I opened the email in Outlook 2007 (Windows) and found that the size was fixed as a maximum but would reflow when I made the window smaller than that max.

The behaviour on Outlook 2003 is pretty bad though.

What I really want is just for the text to flow. I could just use "Plain Text" but then I lose formatting.

Can I just not have a column or something? I usually just want a simple outline.