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First of all, thanks so much for fixing the single column case! I am now relying on the Simple HTML export a couple times a week for a work email that goes out to a ton of people globally.

One tiny thing left that makes these emails look a bit unprofessional: The bullets on blank lines. It is visually distracting and people ask about it because it looks odd.

I tried just editing them out in the Mail app before sending the email but, when viewing the resulting email in Outlook, that resulted in Outlook eliminating the blank lines altogether losing my white space, (yes, I know Outlook has its own "special" ways of doing things.)

Any chance you could not export the bullets on blank lines at least in Simple HTML export? Or perhaps provide an option to turn that off? (Though it is unclear to me why anyone would ever want it on. It doesn't really serve any purpose once you're done editing the document and just want to view it.)

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