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At work I'm responsible for quality planning and process governance (quality, production and assembly processes). Processes seem to be far away from projects, but for me they aren't.

A project is time, task, cost and resource driven, a process, IMHO, is driven by the same requirements. Finally an end date (time) for both, of course.

The differences: A project needs often more time, than a process. A process depends on minutes, while days (weeks, months) are a good choice to show a project.

What I want: Put my process tasks into OmniPlan, set the timelines for the tasks (minutes are the choice) and then compare them with all the other depending processes.
With the build in resource categories I'm able to show what kind of documentation is needed for a single process task, or the whole process.

Yes, I know well, this is not what OmniPlan is build for, but with it's simplicity it makes such thoughts easy.

In short: A time driven process description, where minutes are the basic unit.

Hope someone's understandig me... ;-)