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Looking at action with child, am I right in saying that the parent can't have a context?

If so, what is the logic for that?
First, in OmniFocus's terminology, an action cannot have a child. Once you assign a child to an action, the action ceases to be an action and becomes an action group. Like folders and projects, an action group will never appear in the context list. Some people think this is not the way action groups should work, but I'm just explaining the way they do work now. The basic principle is that anything with a child will not show up in context view.

Second, you can assign a default context to an action group, just as you can to a project; if you do so, all new actions created within the action group will have that context. If you turn an action with a context into an action group by adding a child, the action group should have its context set as the default.