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I've have a "map" shortcut for Google Maps which has been working for quite some time.

Since I don't often use that shortcut, I just tried a "maps" search, which didn't work. So I decided to create a new "maps" shortcut from search box on the Google Maps home page. My new shortcut is getting the same text-entry box page that TimmyDee reported 2 years ago.

Here are the two shortcut URLs:

map (works) =

maps (fails) = code=&abauth=4e8b2957yYc0Z9z1afOdw6msYUViAtotqJE&q =%@

I tried patching my newly created "maps" shortcut by pasting in the working "map" URL, but that doesn't change the parameter list.

I deleted the "maps" shortcut created by OmniWeb and manually created a new "maps" (cloned from "map"), which works fine.

There remains the problem that OmniWeb doesn't create a valid shortcut. I suspect this may happen on other sites.

-- Ward