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Hi there,

I just found out that you disabled syncing with iCal.

That is a big turndown for me, because this single feature is the most important in my workflow.


Before I came to the Mac I was using MS Outlook, which has some pretty good advantages. The most important one is the fact that you have one system where you can manage appointments, tasks and emails in one place.

While I do not wish to use Windows again, I noticed that the separation of Mail, iCal and Taskmanagement in the Mac Platform is no advantage. Having such vital information fragmented in different apps is a pain in the neck.

It makes planning complicated, because I have to go back and forth between a tasmanagement app and a calendar app.

So I have build a workflow that works like follows:

1. I enter each task at OmniFocus (I assign a Project, Context and a Duedate).

2. I sync manually Omnifcous with BusyCal so that my tasks show up in the Calendar.

3. I can change tasks in Busycal (rename, new due date) and sync it back to Omnifocus.

With this I have a very simple and filtered view of my daily work: Appointemnts are on the left in the calenderview. Tasks for this specific day are shown on the right side. Everything important is in one place.

If I need to have a forecast, I can switch to the weekly view of Busycal and see what I have on my plate for the rest of the week. (I enjoy your forecast view on the iPad a lot. Very often I do my weekly planning process with the iPad).

With your newest version this workflow is broken.

I went back to the old version, so I have no problem so far. But if you stick with your decision to have sync not available anymore than I will switch to another solution.

I am writing this in detail, because I hope that you rethink your decision. Having tasks and appointments in two different places is a step backwards.

Or maybe you have another solution that you are working on or that you would like to suggest?