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OK. I had an epiphany last night. The ONE missing piece to work effectively is ...


This additional dimension in the GTD database can handle the >people, *tools, ... that are needed to complete a given task.

My request to OmniGroup is then ... rather than tags, add RESOURCE as an additional dimension in the OF database. Allow RESOURCE to be a completely separate dimension for searches and perspective definitions. Then we can define views of tasks with such demands as

* (DUE DATE: today) + (RESOURCE: >colleague) + (CONTEXT: @work)
* (CONTEXT: @errands) + (RESOURCE: >spouse)
* (CONTEXT: !reading) + (RESOURCE: <none>)
* (CONTEXT: !reading) + (RESOURCE: <any>)
* (RESOURCE: *computer) + (DUE: soon)
* (RESOURCE: >(all people, no tools)) + (DUE: today)
* (RESOURCE: *(all tools, no people)) + (CONTEXT: @home)