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When I bought my Mac in 2009 at the Apple store I asked the business rep about a contact mgr and he sold me Bento. I've tried to work with some of the Bento templates and I'm less than impressed. In fact the most popular one I found doesn't even run on my version of BENTO????

I am a machinery and equipment appraiser I'm not really looking for this so much for prospects / sales / customers as I am for research contacts. Several years ago I worked at a place that had ACT! (still PC only) and that is the type of application I'm looking for. The best thing I've seen online is CRM4MAC which had great reviews but discontinued several years ago. Nothing in the app store either. My hunch is that I'm going to have to make my own and I'm disinterested in learning how to program a filemaker database. The brain says surely there is a nice off-the-shelf!!!

I downloaded the free Elements CRM but I really can't tell enough from the trial version. Highrise is WAY too expensive.