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I would love to see a column called "who" or a metadata where you could add an address book contact. I know this post is dangerously close to the great "tagging" debate, but here goes:

Perceived Problem:

Pretend that I have the following action items with Jim. They come from different projects and have been assigned different actions. The problem is when an opportunity arises such as Jim calls or walks into my office, I want to quickly find anything that relates to Jim.
  • Follow Up with Jim re: Dinner with Pam [email]
  • call Jim re: buy paper[call]
  • discuss rabies with Jim [agenda:jim]
  • waiting for jim's input on NY trip [waiting for]
  • brainstorm scranton vacation idea with jim [call]

Other solutions:
I could put &Jim in the notes field and then perform a search when he walks into my office.

Any thoughts? (or links to where you remember this being discussed)


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