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Okay, so I've been here for a while and it might be lack of coffee or something but I haven't found a clear statement saying that OmniFocus is capable of syncing its database on 2 or more Macs on a network.

(I need it to sync with 5 Macs, all of them opening the same database at the same time. Plus, I need the same database to run on 3 iPhones)

I really like this application and I have personally been using it for some months and I think it could solve some "Getting Things Done" problems for my office. The thing is I have been using 1.1 which won't let me open the same file in two different computers.

You see, in total honesty I am between buying Daylite or OF for my office workflow. I have studied Daylite for a while but it seems to... "anal" for me. I see it is very complete but a little too complex and I think it will never be up to date because of its complexity.

Now, the thing I need to know is if the OF database can be opened and edited in this 8 devices at the same time (and I really don't care for MobileMe syncing, we can sync todo entries made on the iPhone when we get to work).

If IT IS possible, I have more dumb questions:

1. Five licenses are needed for Macs?
2. Are they sold in a cheaper bundle pack for five?
3. Is there a bundle price for iPhone?

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