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I think it's great that OmniWeb is now, free but it might be too little too late. Safari 4 is wiping the floor with everyone else right now. The last thing that Firefox has going for it are the extensions, most of which I can live without to be honest.

OmniWeb still is based on an older version of WebCore and the Web Inspector is still the same old version (that didn't thrill me then). That's why I switched to WebKit nightlies for most of my browsing because of the new Web Inspector and the speed and support for newer CSS and HTML standards (all of which I now get in the Safari 4beta).

Unless Omni is going to move OmniWeb forward, this might be the final nail in its coffin, currently showing most people that Omni cannot develop the browser any further (due to lack of developer resources), so they just made it free to stop people complaining about the lack of updates. OmniWeb more than ever looks to me like it is going nowhere and will unfortunately rot away.

That would be a terrible waste of very decent product.