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On October the 29th (a sunday), I'm going to have a workshop for designers in Tokyo.

When I put a task on sunday, the length of the day automatically extends itself to monday the 30th, even though it's only for a day. And it doesn't work to shorten it, even if I type in the exact date and time.

Is this a bug or is there a way to work around this?
The Calendar view is divided into three areas; top left (blank for Calendar View), bottom left and the Calendar itself on the right. In the bottom left, select the drop down box and pick "Work Schedule for Project".

Stlll on the bottom-left first select the month then the week for which you will have a different schedule (either more or less hours).

On the right, in the Calendar itself point the mouse to the day/hour you want the extra work to start; hold down the mouse button and drag down/right. A new box will appear. You can either shape it perfectly or simply double-click on it and specify the additional hours.

Little Green Boxes can be added, removed or modified in this way.

PS I would prefer it if 'Plan kept the Calendar View consistent with the other Views and deployed the "+", "-" and "Properties Button" and had an Inspector Palette for the Calendar/Calendar Events.

This might for example allow us to assign different hours to different resources (a Meeting Room that is only available between 9-5pm five days a week) and all sorts of other things that happen ITRW :D