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iCal has limited screen real estate and I want it to remain uncluttered. What I want to do are actionable items... when they become within the set due range I take the action of deciding whether to to something about the implied advantage they offer.. or not. When they drift past the due date, they are off my radar until I take the action of making a similar decision next time. The whole idea of GTD is to bring actionable items to your notice when they are actionable within a given Context. I just don't want to have to go to the bother of clicking them as completed unless I have actually completed something.
For example, today was old computer gear recycle throwout day. It won't come around again for another 3 months. I only want to know about it when it's due, so I can decide whether I have some IT junk that is better off recycled than causing pollution in land fill. I find there are dozens of these sorts of these recurring items in my work and private endeavours. I don't want them over-populating Apple's limited time-based app and I don't want to have to click a whole lot of things that are not completed just to have another one pop up in its place. Productivity apps are about saving time and effort so it can be use more efficiently. It's no big deal... but it would be nice :)

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