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I started with iPhone OF but pretty much abandoned it altogether after about a month last year. The new iPad app is phenomenal, however! I'm back with OF, now full time on iPad and REALLY love it.

One thing I need is a bigger field to display my notes. Currently my workflow is to take notes in meetings on the Apple's notes app then copy paste to OF and sort it out. But sometimes my notes are very long, history of the project, assumptions, etc. So here is what I emailed from the gear menu in iPad OF app,

"Please add ability to search notes of projects and actions, not just the headlines.*

I often write a lot of notes that go with a particular project, please make the window that shows notes expandable to full screen and editable there. Look at the new interface for Twitter for iPad app. I would love to be able to pinch out a task to get all info and notes out that way. And when needed just tap on the expand arrow to make the note field a full screen option.*

This is required. I read some people use Notebooks app to keep notes for omnifocus but I think you should include more extended note fields inside the app.*

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