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But of course I tried all that.

Instead of the word "support", think "imports without error and looks like the original".

I tried exporting my image as eps and imported into Word 2010 in windows and it says "Error importing file". I tried exporting at PCT and word imported it but it looked completely wrong - Fonts were wildly different sizes, transparency was wrong, and some ellipses looked like they were drawn with a straight edge. I tried exporting to SVG and then tried to use some other general tools to convert that to WMF but that did not work at all either. Ultimately I exported as a 600 dpi TIFF, but as this is for something that is going to be published via as well as downloaded it needs to be vector based.

I am required to use Word 2010 on windows as existing Mac versions of word do not support the required macros for this document.

I would really hate to have to re-draw my diagrams from within word because of this, or worse, have to purchase Visio which was always just a clone of OmniGraffle.