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think "imports without error and looks like the original"
Ok, I am clear about that.

We are still dealing with transferring Image files that support a vector format. SVG and PICT are definitely off the list. I did not suggest TIFF (although that would work nicely for publishing/printing). I suspect you have not actually tried:
Export PDF (not PrintAsPDF), which let's you set transparency, etc.
Export as PNG
Export as JPEG.
Could you please try one of each and report back to us. All Exports allow borders (margins) and scaling. I repeat, the above works well for me, "imports without error and looks like the original", and prints well. As stated, PNG is the "best", but that is only because of Word limitations; technically, PDF is the best.

Re Fonts, for vector, well you do have to use (in the OG doc) only those fonts which are readily available on the Word PC.

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