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Two observations:

1) it is hard to conclude anything about where it stands now if you are judging by what has been released, as the releases since then have been primarily bug fixes, not new feature vehicles.

2) if it has slipped back in the rankings, it has been because more votes have come in for other features (some features found only in the iPad app are likely candidates, I think). Feature requests aren't "aged out" of the system.
Huh! I'm relying on info. supplied by the OmniFolk.

In July this year:

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We may add this at some point - folks have asked for it before. But this request has had fewer than 10 customer votes attached since we launched the app. It looks like the top of the "we need this feature" list (linking to address book contacts in some fashion) has almost 70.
In September:

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Support for contacts actually got the first customer request in 2006, not 2007. :-)

Contacts were at the top of the list when I originally mentioned it, but there are other requests that are more popular now; contacts are in the #10 slot. The current top item has twice the votes that contacts do, and was entered more recently.
I've always thought it a complete joke that we're supposed to vote on bug fixes, it's up there with Omni's passion for flitting after Apple's latest bright shiny iDea and relegating everything else to the endoftheQ!

If Omni doesn't get that it's an iPhone and that adding contacts is a no-brainer (even though it has never been one of my feature requests), way ahead of flakey location-aware alerts, then all I can say is they must firmly believe in GTDVVS* and inflicting it upon the rest of us.

*Getting Things Done Very Very S-L-O-W-L-Y...!

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