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Dear fellow users of OF for iPad,

I've been using OF on my iPad for the last days and I'm blown away. Really a lifechanger. I was already using the GTD methodology, but in different and multiple setup (hence not working).

My questions; Worth mentioning is that my ONLY apple product is the iPad. I do not own any other iDevice (do not plan on buying on either, but that's a different story).Since I do not own a Mac (and OF for that) I cannot edit my perspectives within my iPad OF. First question: is this true?

Second I would really like a perspective that shows my flagged items (in my book the things to do today) sorted by project. Since when I'm working I do not want to be bothered by my evening (private) activities. Second question: is this possible?

Third I would like a perspective that shows an overview of when I completed an activity. So basically a log, including date and time. This comes in really handy when completing my favourite activity of the week (not), my hour registration for my clients.

Hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance.